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8 Best Heated Mittens of 2022-2023

Mittens are a great choice for those who want a little extra comfort and warmth and aren’t too worried about the small loss in dexterity compared to regular gloves. Mittens are generally warmer than gloves because the heat from your fingers is contained in one place instead of separated.  Even when wearing battery heated gloves, the separation of the fingers increases exposure and is not quite as warm as when wearing heated mittens. Heated mittens take comfort to the next level to ensure that your hands are never too cold.

This review will give you a detailed look into the 8 best heated mittens we’ve found after hours of research. There are varying features, pros and cons, and price ranges to consider to find the right gloves for you. Your choice is also affected by questions such as: What activities will you be doing when you wear your mittens?  Will you be exposed to temperatures below 20 F or subzero F? With all this considered, we’ve compiled here all the research you need to make an informed decision about which mittens are right for you.


Best Heated Mittens Reviews

1. Hestra Power Heater Mitts

Hestra Power Heater Mittens

Hestra has designed this heated mitten specifically for snow sports in subzero F weather. The mittens stand alone as high quality, effective gear; the addition of the heating element makes them an excellent choice for those who get cold hands. These heated mittens fit tight, which gives you the most dexterity possible in heated mittens. The detailed size chart with measurements ensures warm hands that can be comfy and grab ski pole loops without taking your mittens off. These are the best. Your hands will stay warm with these heated mittens.

These heated mittens feature dual lithium-ion batteries.  Instead of one larger bulky battery in each glove, you have two thinner ones for comfort and ease of movement. 

If you think you may travel to chase the white smoke internationally, Hestra has got you covered.  Your mittens come with a travel case and an international travel adapter.

Hestra also makes heated gloves.

Key Features:

  • Durable Flextron nylon shell keeps out wind and is water-resistant while being breathable.
  • Leather over the palms, fingers and thumbs ensures an excellent grip while being soft and flexible.
  • Soft, brushed polyester lining
  • CZone insert when you need extra protection from wet snow
  • Weatherproof zipper on cuffs
  • LED control panel
  • 2 thin lithium rechargeable batteries for each glove for less bulk, more comfort.
  • Travel Case
  • International Travel adaptors
  • Handcuffs so you don’t lose one.


Heating Times

  • Level 1 - 8-10 hrs

  • Level 2 - 4-5 hrs

  • Level 3 - 2-3 hrs

Battery Specs

Rechargeable 3.7V Lithium-Ion Battery Packs (one for each glove)


2 years for electronic components, a lifetime for mittens


Men's and Women's sizes 5-12 with measurement instructions



  • Excellent grip from leather palm, fingers & thumb

  • The heating element works in subzero F weather

  • Stand alone as high-quality mittens without the heating feature

  • Detailed size chart gets your fit right

  • NOTE: Any lithium batteries may interfere with avalanche receivers

  • Can be challenging to find battery replacements or extras in the US

  • Doesn't heat the thumb which some find uncomfortable

  • Wrist cuffs are a little tight and short

2. Gerbing Gyde S7 Leather Heated Mittens

Gerbing Gyde S7 Leather Heated Mittens

These heated mittens have incredibly consistent positive reviews. It’s not surprising since Gerbing spearheaded the electrically heated gear industry 40 years ago.  Their Microwire heating system goes all over both sides of the hand, fingers and thumb. There are thousands of filaments that are 1/10th the size of a human hair.   They reliably keep your hands warm even in subzero temps.  

There are 4 heat settings with a silicone switch in the glove that makes it easy to adjust the heat level. The premium leather is warm, soft and durable.  Gyde describes the mitten as “possibly the most luxurious heated mittens we have ever made”.  You can also purchase S7 Gerbing Gyde heated gloves.

Key Features:

  • Premium leather
  • Heats both palm and back of the hand
  • AQUATEX™ membrane for wind and water-resistant protection and breathability
  • Chamois Thumb for grip, dexterity and goggle wiping
  • Customizable Heat Settings
  • Adjustable strap around the wrist
  • Cyberian Cordloc system on cuffs


Heating Times

  • 100% (4 red/blue lights) - 2 Hours

  • 75% (3 red/blue lights) - 3 Hours

  • 50% (2 red/blue lights) - 5 Hours

  • 25% (1 red/blue lights) - 8 Hours

Battery Specs

7V 3400 mAH Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery Pack (25.16Wh)


  • Lifetime Warranty: Heating Elements & Microwire Heating System  

  • One-Year Warranty: All non-electrical components, as well as temperature controllers, electrical plugs, connectors, solder joints, and connection cables, are covered for one year.

  • 90-Day Warranty: Batteries and chargers


XS S M L 2XL.  Detailed sizing chart for men and women



  • Super comfortable

  • Reliable

  • Heat all over both sides of the hand

  • 100% heat setting is necessary for subzero temperatures, which only lasts 2 hours

  • The instructions that come with these mittens are confusing

3. Venture Heat OHM Battery Heated Mittens

Venture Heat OHM Battery Heated Mittens

These heated mittens have consistently high reviews from happy customers and certainly deserves a place on our best heated mittens list. They are designed to perform well in temps below 20F. The combination of Dintex that is wind and water-resistant, along with the Thinsulate for warmth and breathability means that your hands will be toasty shoveling snow or shredding slopes. The strap around the wrist is big enough to grab with a mitten so the second hand that was covered won’t be any less warm.  

The heating element runs across the entire back of the hand from wrist to fingertips and includes the thumb.   In this newest model, Venture Heat also ensured that they have a slim design which gives you warmer hands and more dexterity. One of the best features of this mitten is the Quick-Snap for the glove heaters in the glove.  Your power won’t be going in and out or off with movement, and the battery stays firmly in place. Venture Heat heated gloves are available as well as mittens.

Key Features:

  • Quick-Snap battery in gloves
  • Micro-alloy Fiber Heating System
  • Thinsulate microfiber insulation
  • Dintex Membrane for water and windproofing
  • Leather palms for durability and grip
  • Three heat settings, LED indicator.
  • Slim fit
  • Adjustable wrist strap


Heating Times

  • Low - 5 hrs

  • Medium - 3 hrs

  • High - 1.5

Battery Specs

Pair of 1,800Ah BX26 batteries


Unisex: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL – measurements are given for each to ensure the right fit



  • The heating element includes the thumb

  • Quick-Snap Battery snaps the mittens connections so that it stays plugged in when you're wearing them

  • Batteries do not last as long as specs in very cold weather

4. Lenz Heat Mittens 4.0 Unisex

Lenz Heat Mittens 4.0 Unisex

Here are the heated mittens described as the “next-generation” technology of heated mittens. You can depend on all the basics: The slim fit and four-way stretch material ensure comfort and dexterity so your mittens will “fit like a glove”.   Primaloft insulation keeps you warm and makes it a good mitten in moderate cold, even without the heat.  The Hipora technology of the outer material is constructed with 3 layers of microporous silicon coating combined with microscopic aluminum flakes for heat retention.  

What makes these touchscreen compatible mittens stand out is the Lenz heat technology.  You have two choices for battery packs: the Lenz lithium rcB 1200 or rcB 1800 (not included).  The rcB 1200 has up to 14 hours of and the rcB 1800 up to 20.  Both are Bluetooth smart enabled so you can adjust your heat with your smartphone if desired.  On top of that, there is short charging time. Battery heated gloves are also available.

Key Features:

  • 4-way stretch material
  • Primaloft insulation
  • Touchscreen compatible
  • Heating element with three different heat settings to all fingers and thumb
  • Bluetooth enabled heat technology
  • Goggle cleaning patch integrated on the thumb


Heating Times

Default battery:

  • Level 1: 37 °C / 99 °F, 8 – 10 h

  • Level 2: 45 °C / 113 °F, 4 – 5 h

  • Level 3: 62 °C / 144 °F, 2 – 2,5 h

Upgraded Battery:

  • Level 1: 42 °C / 107 °F, 10 – 14 h

  • Level 2: 52 °C / 125 °F, 5,5 – 7,5 h

  • Level 3: 60 °C / 140 °F, 3,5 – 4,5 h

Battery Specs

Compatible with the Lenz lithium pack rcB 1200 and upgraded rcB 1800 batteries


14-day return policy


Unisex S M L XL – with separate sizing charts for Men and Women



  • Short charging time and long battery life by industry standards

  • Reported to resist heavy rain

  • Light and breathable

  • Bluetooth enabled: You can adjust the heat setting with your smartphone

  • Goggle cleaning patch integrated on the thumb

  • Batteries Not Included 

5. Volt Heat 7V Battery Heated Mitts

Volt Heat 7V Battery Heated Mitts

These high quality heated mitts from Volt Heat are the real deal. You want to keep your hands warm in cold temperatures, so here are some of the best heated mittens around. They feature a rugged nylon outer shell and a genuine leather palm that adds a nice touch of class and durability. Additionally, they sport a poly tricot inner lining that is extremely soft to the touch and exceptionally warm. This lining comes out of the glove when you remove your hand so that you remain warm when you have to perform tasks that require the use of your fingers. Combine this with the 4 heat settings and long battery life, and you have a versatile glove great for staying toasty in the stands of a ballgame, taking the dog for an early morning walk, or hitting the slopes. Battery heated gloves are also available.

Key Features:

  • Waterproof/breathable membrane
  • Durable nylon shell and genuine leather palm
  • Heats both the back of the hand, the palm and includes the thumb.
  • Built-in 4 level microprocessor controller to select desired heat output
  • Provides over 150 degrees of soothing heat for 2 hours on the highest setting and 8+ hours on the lowest setting
  • Designed for quick removal
  • Ultra-thin stainless steel heating wires permanently bonded to the lining fabric
  • super soft and warm poly tricot lining


Heating Times

  • 100% High – 2 hours

  • 75% Med/High – 3 hours

  • 50% Medium – 5 hours

  • 25% Low – 8 hours

Battery Specs

Two 7.4v 2200mAh lithium-ion batteries


30-day refund policy


Men & Women versions, One size fits most (S-M-L)



  • The batteries last as advertised

  • Extra durable due to genuine leather

  • Poly tricot lining makes them exceptionally comfortable

  • The battery pouch is a bit tight and can make removing the battery a challenge

  • There is no built-in glove leash

6. Outdoor Research Lucent Heated Mitts

Outdoor Research Lucent Heated Mitts

These best heated mittens were so well received when they were released that OR did not make any updates for 5 years.  The features that made them popular are still in place:   The well-established ALTIHeat™ heating system will keep you comfy whether you are walking your dog or shredding a mountain.  The Gore-Tex insert makes them waterproof. Because of the EnduraLoft™ insulation, some reviewers said this was the warmest mitten they had tried before they even turned on the heat.   The abrasion-resistant goat leather enhances the durability on the palms, and they are lightweight. You can also purchase Lucent heating gloves.

The new features added to this five-year field-tested mitten are:

  • Touchscreen-compatible leather thumb fingertips
  • A new power button that is brighter to be able to see the settings easier

Key Features:

  • ALTIHeat™ rechargeable battery heating system
  • EnduraLoft™ insulation
  • Waterproof/Windproof Gore-Tex insert
  • Goat leather palm overlays
  • Three heat settings
  • Touchscreen-Compatible Thumbs
  • Removable Leash
  • Pull-On Loop
  • Pre-Curved Construction for flexibility
  • Molded EVA Foam Knuckles


Heating Times

  • Low: 8 hrs

  • Medium: 5 hrs

  • High: 2.5 hrs

Battery Specs

Two 7.4V Li-ion Batteries and wall charger included


Best Warranty: Outdoor Research products are guaranteed forever


XS S M L XL Unisex



  • The settings button is clear and easy to press

  • The battery is small and comfortable in the mitten

  • High-quality construction, flexible and durable

  • Excellent performance as a mitten without heat

  • Batteries are removable while charging

  • Sizes are based on men's' hands, so run large for many women

  • Some reports that the palm heating element isn't warm enough

7. Ravean Unisex Heated Mittens

Ravean Unisex Heated Mittens

When Ravean talks about their products they acknowledge that they’re not the first to think of electrically heated gear, “but we’re the first to do it right”.  First, they used materials to make the outer shell both durable and comfortable. Your hands are wrapped in soft, warm, durable goat leather.  That feature alone will make you wish it was winter in July so that you could wear them.  

The insert is Hydro-Tex to keep the wind and wet on the outside where it belongs.  The 150g Thinsulate insulation has a solid reputation for being warm, and breathable; the polyester brushed tricot linking makes a soft surface to keeps your hands happy.

Your heating has 3 settings with an easy to reach button.  Just one tap and you know which setting you’re on, tap again to change it. Ravean also offers a pair of heated gloves.

Key Features:

  • Goatskin leather palms, thumbs and fingertips
  • Pre-Curved Fingers for comfort
  • Touch Scren Compatible
  • Hook and Loop Adjustable Cuff
  • Elastic Leash for convenience (detachable)
  • Storage Case


Heating Times

  • Low: 6.5 hrs

  • Medium: 4 hrs

  • High: 2 Hrs

Battery Specs

7V battery kit


Unisex XS S M L XL XXL with a detailed chart for men and women



  • Incredibly soft and comfortable

  • Heat setting button on the cuff is easy to use and clear to see which setting you are on

  • No specific info on heating time for medium and high settings

8. ActionHeat 5V Battery Heated Mittens

ActionHeat 5V Battery Heated Mittens

The ActionHeat 5V battery glove features a light and efficient circulating heating system strategically placed around your thumb and fingers to warm your whole hand. The “power bank” technology is unique to ActionHeat and makes this mitten stand out from the rest.  3 settings are easy to access and use.  The built-in heating panels and touch button are made with ActionFlex, a material that is lightweight and warm. These are best suited for cold-weather outdoor activities in +25 F for short amounts of time like shoveling snow or walking the dog. They are light, and the three heat settings will keep your hands warm without unnecessary bulk.

The temperature maximum is 140F that will last up to 5+ hours.  The extended gauntlet cinches up tight to keep your wrists warm and ensures that wind, snow or rain don’t sneak in.   The Thinsulate layer assures both insulation and wind protection. ActionHeat also offers gloves heated with Power Bank technology.

Key Features:

  • Touch button technology with 3 heat settings
  • Power bank technology that incorporates ultra-fine fibers to maximize performance while being lightweight
  • Faux suede palm and brushed polyester lining for warmth
  • The Thinsulate layer provides both wind protection and insulation.
  • Elongated cuffs with an elastic cinch cord to keep them weather-tight


Heating Times

  • High (Red): 140F - 2+ Hours

  • Medium (White): 120F - 3+ Hours

  • Low (Blue): 100F - 5+ Hours

Battery Specs

Rechargeable 5V 3000mAh Batteries


90 days for factory defects


Men's and Women's S M L XL



  • Quick to warm and even the low setting keeps hands warm in the 20's F

  • The innovative "power bank" technology keeps the mitten both warm and lightweight.

  • The glove without the heat is not designed for warmth.

  • The heating element does not perform great under 25F.

  • The elongated gauntlet may be an impediment to tucking in some jacket sleeves.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are heated mittens?

Heated mittens have an integrated heating system and rechargeable battery.  Some cover the whole hand, others only the fingers.   The heating system consists of wires that are extremely thin so that dexterity and comfort are not compromised.  They incorporate a water-resistant insert to ensure that moisture does not contact the heating element.  The battery(ies) for the heating element is usually in a pocket on the cuff of the mitten.  Some batteries are removable for charging; some are not.  The heating element usually has different heat levels which can be controlled by a button on the cuff of each mitten. 

Why Do I Need Heated Mittens?

Heated mittens increase comfort for most everyone in temps below 45F.  If you are playing or working in temperatures below freezing, then they make a big difference to your experience.    If you are going to have long exposure to cold temperatures such as expeditions or outdoor work, they may be critical, especially if the temperatures are single digits or subzero F.  People who are particularly sensitive to getting cold hands can significantly benefit from heated mittens.  

How Do I Know The Size Is Right?

Most heated mittens come with detailed sizing charts.  Use them.  They may have unisex sizes, but the sizing charts will separate out women’s and men’s and include measurements.  The measurement is taken diagonally across the hand from the bottom of the thumb, wrapping around the hand to where the hand meets the wrist.  If you take the time to use these charts and measure your hand as instructed, you should have a perfect fit.

Will My Hands be Too Warm?

No.  You control the heat settings and can turn them off if you want to.  Also, they are not designed to roast you; they are designed to enable you to find a heat setting where you feel comfortable, not “heated”.  The goal is not even to notice the heat is there because your hands feel just right.

Final Thoughts 

The comfort and safety of your hands in cold temperatures is something that you don’t want to have to think about.  Heated mittens are an investment, but your hands will thank you. They are well worth the price.

There are many on the market; we have highlighted the 8 best.  Review the pros, cons and specifications.  Some may be light and comfortable for snow blowing your driveway or walking your dog in temperatures above 20+F, others are heavier and designed to keep your hands warm for skiing or working with your livestock in subzero F temps.     

The manufacturer’s specs for heating times have been listed for each item.  Be sure to read and follow the instructions for battery care.  Often battery life complaints can be traced to user error.  Remember that cold conditions challenge all batteries, so if you are expecting to need your mittens on for long periods, make sure to purchase an extra set of batteries to have with you. 

If you are using an avalanche beacon, be aware that electronically heated gear can interfere with beacon signals. We recommend that you research the risks and best practices. Turn off any heated gear if you find yourself needing to rescue your companion, or before your descent.

We hope this guide to the best mittens with heating technology has been useful for you and that you find the perfect mittens for your specific needs.