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Best Heated Motorcycle Gloves of 2022-2023

Every serious rider at one time or another should consider a purchase of heated motorcycle gloves. They are simply the best solution to keeping your hands warm and protected when riding in cold weather.

Although a good quality pair of heated motorcycle gloves can be quite the investment, a little bit of research can go a long way towards ensuring you select the right pair for you. These gloves are bit different than regular heated gloves, and the features and price points vary.

When shopping for your next pair of trusty riding gloves, you’ll want to consider material, price, protection/padding, temperature control, placement of heating elements and battery function. Here are some of our best heated glove picks for 2022:

Best Heated Motorcycle Gloves Reviews

1. Keis G502 Premium Heated Sport Gloves

Hestra Power Heater Mittens

The G502 Premium Heated Gloves come with a glove Y lead and motorcycle connection lead for either a wired or portable power connection. These gloves have been designed for premium dexterity and have the feel of a summer glove. They are very easy to connect and use – it’s as simple as plugging in a pair of headphones! In addition, the included heat controller with color-coded light is a very convenient and easy-to-use system of temperature control. Serious bikers will love that these heated gloves actually come with high-quality armor as well. It’s easy to see why many riders consider the Keis G502 motorcycle gloves to be the best choice around.

Key Features:

  • Conforms to required European Directive EN 13594:2015 standard for PPE gloves
  • Includes 3-level heat controller, conveniently positioned on the back of the wrist for maximum usability
  • 100g of 3M Thinsulate™ and Hipora™ waterproof membrane
  • Draws 1.6 amps at 19.2 watts
  • Built-in visor wipe on the left index finger
  • Offers superior carbon-fiber knuckle and scaphoid / palm protection
  • Heating panels located throughout the front and back of the hand as well as the top of all fingers
  • Can be powered with optional glove batteries stored in battery pocket built into the cuff
  • Dual power option of either wired connection or battery power



Nylon and leather shell with 100% polyester lining and carbon fiber knuckles and protective elements

Power Supply

Plugs in to 12V bike battery or gloves can be powered with optional portable battery


Men's sizes XXXS - XXXL (sizes 5-13)



  • Includes a lifetime warranty on the heating system

  • Armored with carbon fiber in the palms and knuckles for the best possible protection not usually found in heated gloves

  • Strategically placed heating across the hands provides even warmth and heats up quickly

  • Compatible with the Keis heated jacket, vest and bodywarmer

  • Available in widest range of sizes (XXXS - 3XL)

  • Batteries not included; but available for an extra cost

  • Some riders experienced uneven or too-hot temperatures with these gloves

2. Gerbing T5 Hybrid Heated Gloves

Gerbing Gyde S7 Leather Heated Mittens

The Gerbing T5 Hybrid gloves are a great pick for riders looking to switch between power sources. All of Gerbing’s T5 Hybrid products can be heated with either a 12V battery pack or your 12V motorcycle battery system. This flexibility of multiple power connections allows for both on-bike and off-bike use of your heated gloves. With the purchase of the optional battery comes a built-in temperature controller. While the battery is sold separately, the T5 Hybrid gloves are placed at a reasonable price point and still offer great value. These gloves also feature quality materials and a generous warranty in sizes up to 3XL.

Key Features:

  • 135 F Maximum Heating Temperature
  • All non-electrical components of Gerber heated gloves are warrantied for one year after purchase, while the batteries and chargers are warrantied for up to 90 days
  • Compatible with Gerber interconnected 12V heated clothing system including jacket, socks and pants
  • Heated with Microwire technology that surrounds hands and fingers with warmth
  • Includes the vehicle battery harness and Y-harness; 12V batteries and charger sold separately
  • Internal waterproof membrane with 100g of Thinsulate™ lining
  • Made with premium drum-dyed leather and soft fleece



Leather and nylon exterior construction with interior tricot fleece lining

Power Supply

These gloves can be powered from the 12V bike battery or with an optional battery pack (sold separately)

Battery Settings

  • High: 1 Hour

  • Medium: 2.5 Hours

  • Low: 4 Hours

  • Connected to Vehicle Battery: Unlimited


Men's sizes XS - XXXL



  • Warm interior insulation helps keep hands toasty even when the gloves are powered off

  • Provides warmth and protection without added bulk; comfortable

  • These heated gloves are also compatible with other Gerbing motorcycle heated clothing items

  • Built-in temperature controller for multiple heat settings

  • These gloves are available in larger sizes through 3XL

  • While the interior liner is waterproof, the exterior leather of the gloves is not

  • Battery pocket and wires can be a bit cumbersome

  • Finger fit is slightly too long for some riders

3. Gerbing EX Pro Heated Gloves

Venture Heat OHM Battery Heated Mittens

These premium gloves are some of the most advanced heated gloves on the market. Gerbing’s patented Microwire technology utilizes stainless steel micro fibers for optimal heating performance. While all of the necessary wiring is included, it is recommended that riders also purchase the compatible Gerbing Temperature Controller for maximum comfort. The Gerbing EX Pro heated gloves also come with a 90 Day / 1 year warranty on the electrical parts and the glove components respectively. For riders who don’t need the option of battery power and don’t mind the additional purchase of the temperature controls, the Gerbing EX Pro is a solid heated glove option to keep your hands safe and warm while enjoying your motorcycle.

Key Features:

  • 135 F Maximum Heating Temperature @ 27 Watts
  • Includes reflective material
  • All non-electrical components of Gerber heated gloves are warrantied for one year after purchase, while the batteries and chargers are warrantied for up to 90 days
  • Compatible with Gerber interconnected 12V heated clothing system including jacket, socks and pants
  • Features wear-resistant palms with impact padding
  • Most advanced Gerbing motorcycle gloves available with patented Microwire heating technology
  • Includes the necessary battery harness and fuses
  • Constructed with ergonomic finger design for maximum dexterity
  • Cuff features easily adjustable wrist straps



Leather exterior construction with interior tricot fleece lining

Power Supply

Powered through connection to your bike's DC power system


Men's sizes XS - XXL



  • Compatible with other items in the Gerbing motorcycle heated clothing line

  • Soft and insulated interior; well-made and durable outer shell

  • Warms up quickly for instant heat - the cold won't make a dent with these gloves!

  • Includes reflective material and palm armor

  • Provides excellent warmth and protection without added bulk

  • These gloves have no option for battery power

  • Riders may need to purchase a heat controller to avoid unwanted high heat

  • Cuff is a bit of a tight fit if riders want to wear these gloves with a compatible jacket

  • Sizing runs a bit small - consider sizing up

4. Volt Heat MOTO Leather Motorcycle Gloves

Lenz Heat Mittens 4.0 Unisex

The Volt Heat MOTO 12V gloves are a great pick for those seeking a pair of wired gloves that is ready to go straight out of the box. Simply connect the included battery harness to your bike’s 12V battery, and you’re good to go! These gloves also come with temperature control so no separate thermostat device is needed. Constructed with premium-grade cowhide leather and a cinchable nylon cuff, these gloves are both comfortable and stylish making them one of our best picks for heated gloves in 2022.

Key Features:

  • Temperature controller included
  • Convenient cinchable gauntlet cuff & adjustable wrist strap
  • Reinforced padding in the palms and fingertips
  • Soft fleece interior lining
  • Waterproof breathable membrane
  • 3 amp draw at 12 volts
  • Features Volt’s patent pending Zero Layer® heating system
  • Heating elements placed throughout the gloves on both sides of the hand and fingers
  • Stainless steel heating wires permanently adhered to lining
  • Constructed with top-grade leather material & Thinsulate™ insulation



Cowhide leather exterior, nylon cuff & tricot fleece lining

Power Supply

Wired connection only; install the included battery harness to connect to your bike's 12V battery


Men's sizes S-XXL



  • Initial setup is easy; these gloves come with all required wiring & even a temperature control

  • Adjustable wrist enclosure and cinch pull gauntlet allow for a perfect fit even with outerwear

  • High quality materials will stand the test of time

  • Included temperature control comes with 4 heat settings for maximum comfort

  • Offers additional finger and palm protection

  • A few riders found the gloves to have uneven heating

  • Somewhat bulky with minimal loss of dexterity

5. Tourmaster Synergy Men’s Leather Heated Gloves

Volt Heat 7V Battery Heated Mitts

Tourmaster has thought of everything with these gloves including reflectors, touchscreen fingers, padded knuckles and more. Constructed with premium goatskin leather and silky soft fleece lining, these gloves offer a great value. Due to a lack of bike connectivity, these gloves are best suited for commuters and others who expect to be riding short distances. Overall, the Tourmaster Synergy heated gloves are a great battery-powered option for riders seeking a comfortable and durable pair of heated motorcycle gloves.

Key Features:

  • Reflective piping to increase nighttime visibility
  • Includes 2 rechargeable battery packs and dual charger
  • Touchscreen compatible (index fingers & thumbs)
  • Padded knuckles and microfiber thumb overlays for added protection and comfort
  • Ergonomically positioned battery pack storage on exterior of gloves
  • 4 options for heat settings ( 135\xB0/100%, 120\xB0/75%, 105\xB0/50%, 90\xB0/25% )
  • Battery life ranges from 8 hours on low heat to approximately 2 hours on high heat settings
  • HiPora™ waterproof membrane for additional protection against the elements



Leather (goatskin) exterior with 100% polyester insulation and fleece lining

Power Supply

Battery-powered only (7.4V)

Battery Settings

  • 2+ hours on high heat

  • 8 hours on low heat


Men's sizes S - XXXL



  • Very comfortable gloves made with high-quality leather

  • Heats up quickly (within minutes)

  • Offers superior finger dexterity and functionality; easy to operate bike controls

  • Includes ability to select from multiple heat settings

  • Short battery life on high heat & no battery level indicator

  • Bulky, battery pack placement can feel awkward while riding

  • Some riders complained of inconsistent or inadequate heat

  • These gloves tend to run small, consider ordering a size up

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best heated motorcycle gloves?

While every rider will have different needs and give priority to different features, in general the best heated motorcycle gloves will be those that offer multiple features while providing maximum comfort and rider protection at a great price. Thus our top recommendation based on the information given above would have to be the Keis G502 Premium Heated Gloves. When looking at the availability of heated glove features and the flexibility of offering both power options, the Keis G502 gloves offer consumers a great value and should help motorcycle enthusiasts enjoy the ride for many years.

Who makes the best heated gloves?

One of the best glove brands for heated motorcycle gloves is Gerbing, a family-owned American company known for their production of high-quality heated clothing. As an industry leader and one of the most trusted names in motorsports, Gerbing’s products are loved by many serious riders and we’ve found that many reviewers tend to be partial towards their gloves. Gerbing produces lines of 12V and 7V gear in both men’s and women’s styles. If you’re looking for a full selection of heated riding gear ranging from gloves and jacket liners to socks and insoles, you can’t go wrong with a purchase from Gerbing. 

How do heated motorcycle gloves work?

Heated motorcycle gloves work by implementing various heating elements throughout the glove’s interior lining, and then powering them via your bike battery or through a portable battery pack. The types of glove heaters used varies but typically includes stainless steel wiring, metallic fiber and other heat-conductive materials. An additional thermal layer also helps insulate the gloves and keep your hands warm even without the power on. Most heated gloves offer the ability to control the level of heat through an included or optional thermostat device. Some gloves with heaters can even be connected to other heated riding gear for optimal comfort and temperature control. Many gloves heated by electrical elements come with an additional warranty to cover damage and faulty products.

Final Thoughts 

If you’ve ever ridden your bike in cold weather, you’ve experienced the torture of too-cold hands. For safe and quick heat on the go, a pair of reliable motorcycle gloves with heat is the trick to keeping your hands warm.

Now that we’ve highlighted the pros and cons, features, comparisons and specs of several popular heated gloves, you will hopefully have a better idea of what kind of glove works best for you. We hope this guide was helpful in assisting you in selecting just the right pair of heated gloves that will keep your hands warm and toasty for many miles to come!