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Hestra Power Heater Gloves Review

Our Verdict

The Hestra heated glove, known as the Power Heater, is on the top of our list for the best heated glove. Skiers and riders, as well as other winter activity enthusiasts, will stay warm even in the nastiest of weather. The Hestra heated glove was also put through the wringer in multiple durability tests to prove that it stands out from the competition when it comes to warmth and longevity. After countless hours of outdoor research, we can easily say that the Power Heater gets our highest rating. You’ll find that the fit of the heated glove is snug, making them not too bulky while the secure zippers keep snow and cold air out. 



  • All-day warmth when used on the low and medium setting.

  • Keeps hands warm at temperatures down to -10 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Long-lasting and durable.

  • Warms entire hand from wrists to fingertips both front and back.

  • Flexible with excellent dexterity.

  • Not as warm as other glove heaters on the market.

  • Battery only lasts around 2 hours on high heat.

  • Expensive selling at around 425.00.

Video Overview

Our Analysis


Hestra heated gloves provide just the right amount of warmth to prevent your hands from getting cold on the mountain. These gloves feature three different battery-powered heat settings to adjust the heat level according to the elements around you.

One customer review read that the gloves didn’t seem to work or heat that much. However, please note that if you try on these gloves in the store or at home, you will not notice your hands getting toasty hot immediately. That’s because that is not how the glove heater is intended to work. Instead, they are made to improve the circulation in your hands throughout the day and raise the temperature slowly.

Hestra Power Heater gloves’ unique design ensures that while your hands won’t feel like they’re being roasted, you will notice that they won’t get cold during a long day of riding the slopes. The battery power heater is designed to encourage blood circulation so you can keep your hands warm without causing them to overheat and become clammy—an ideal balance for cold-weather athletes.

Water Resistance

Wet gloves guarantee you cold hands regardless of how heated a pair claim to be. Thankfully, these heated gloves scored big on their ability to repel and resist water. For starters, the Power Heater uses C-Zone technology beneath the outer layer of the glove to stop moisture from seeping in a while your hands sweat-free.

Additionally, the gloves feature a waterproof leather palm. The goat leather palm of the Power Heater contributes to the water-resistance while keeping the gloves soft and flexible. Goat leather repels water better than cowhide leather used in many gloves.

Besides keeping your hands dry, the water-resistant material and certified waterproof zippers will protect the battery storage component from being damaged by water.

You’ll be shocked by how dry your hands are after being in the ice and snow.


Often heated gloves, although extremely warm, can be bulky and difficult to maneuver. Thankfully, that’s not the case with Hestra Power Heater Gloves. While they promise to keep your fingers toasty, they in no way sacrifice mobility and control. Instead, Power Heater Gloves live up to their sleek, well-fitted design reputation seen in many of their gloves.

Much of this is due to the outer layer of Flextron material. This fabric was designed to be soft and flexible without compromising durability and water resistance.

Finding a glove that keeps your fingers warm in even the harshest of conditions while allowing you to perform simple tasks like buckling your boots or finding small items in a zipper pocket can be next to impossible. Somehow Hestra has managed to give us both. The lightweight battery pack is hardly noticeable, and your range of motion will feel no different from your average, lightweight ski glove.


For the price of these heated gloves, you should expect them to be long-lasting and durable. The Hestra Power Heater proves to be time and again just that. As you can see by the durability demonstration, these gloves can stand up to all sorts of abuse.

You won’t have to worry about the effect water has on the leather and seams either. No tearing or stretching was found after an intense session of durability tests.

One concern, in particular, is whether or not the battery or heating element could become damaged from rough use. But even these delicate areas were well protected and continued to work like new after taking several excessive beatings.

Hestra Heated Gloves promise to keep intact season after season. The brand backs up its claims with a two-year warranty on the heating units as well as a lifetime warranty on the rest of the glove.


The Hestra Power Heater comes with a few unique features that make it stand out above the competition. One unique feature is its USB charger cord. So as you’re driving across North America in search of the next black diamond, you can charge the battery on the way.

The placement and design of the power button was also a favorite feature among reviewers. Finding the button and changing the heat levels is quick and easy even when the gloves are tucked into the sleeves of winter coats.

Given the price of the Hestra Power Heater, you definitely don’t want to drop them off the chairlift accidentally. Thankfully this product comes with safety straps that keep your heat gloves connected to your wrists even when you need to take them off for whatever reason.

The Heating System

Most gloves with a heater function only warm the backs of the hands. But Hestra gloves heater makes sure every inch of your hand is warm. The secret to the Hestra glove heater is the integrated heating loops. The tiny coil heating elements spread throughout the body of the glove dispersing heat evenly and bringing it directly to your fingertips. These heating coils are particularly unique to this glove design and make the outdoor experience all the more enjoyable.

Heating your gloves and keeping them warm are too different things, however. Thankfully, the gloves’ Fiberfill insulation, heat will stay trapped in eliminating the need to power up the battery on most days. These polyester fibers keep heat from escaping into the surrounding elements.

While the electric gloves allow you to control the heat level, it is worth noting that the higher the heat setting, the shorter the battery life will be. However, the heating unit will keep the glove warm for an entire day of winter activities if used on its lowest setting. Even the medium setting will last up to eight hours. Thankfully even if you are in extremely cold weather and you need those heated gloves on high, you can still get the most out of the high-quality pair of gloves by carrying a spare battery pack.


According to a Hestra Heated Gloves review by a real customer, sizes for these high-quality gloves run small. While you can find them in a variety of sizes, you need to keep in mind that this is European sizing and typically runs small compared to North American sizes. Your best bet is to order your Hestra glove a size larger than you usually would.

The gloves are available in a wide range of sizes. But pay particular attention to the sizing charts, as Hestra is a European brand. They usually follow the European sizing system, which tends to run small in North America. For the most snug fit, you might have to order one size above your regular choice.

What’s Included

Hestra’s heated glove comes with a USB international charger, rechargeable and replacement batteries, a travel case, and leather treatment for the goat leather palm. The manufacturer recommends that you use the leather treatment on your Hestra glove once at the beginning of every season.


If you’re tired of cutting your winter activities short because of miserable cold hands and are considering gloves with heat, the Hestra Power Heater Glove has some of the highest ratings on the market. The heated glove is made up of materials that promise not only warmth at all temperatures, but also construction that guarantees high performance and longevity. Hestra products cost a lot but are well worth the investment, and you’ll no doubt find on your next ski trip or other winter adventure that they are money well spent.