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8 Best Heated Insoles 2022-2023

Nov 14, 2022

Cold feet is one of the most unpleasant sensations, and can ruin an otherwise wonderful day of skiing, hunting, hiking, or any other chilly weather activity. This problem can be even worse if you suffer from Raynaud’s syndrome, plantar fasciitis, poor blood circulation, sore and inflamed feet, or just a tendency toward cold extremities.

Heated insoles is a great tool you can use to keep your feet warm in these situations. Unlike heated socks, you simply slide the insole into the bottom of your shoe or boot. It provides both support and heat, and requires much less washing than a heated sock does.

While this may sound straightforward, there is actually a surprising amount of variation between different types of heated insoles. From battery powered, to rechargeable heated insoles, disposable heated insoles, thick or thin, the list of differences goes on. No worries though, read on to hear our analysis and guidance on the best heated insoles.

Best Heated Insoles Reviewed

1. Thermrup Electric Heated Insoles

Thermrup Heated Insole

The Thermrup electric heated insoles are some of the best heated insoles on the market due to their premium quality, large infrared rubber heating element, even heat distribution, and reasonable price.

These rechargeable heated insoles serve great as boot insoles or shoe insoles and can be safely washed by hand or in a machine. They are well suited for skiing, hiking, shoveling show, hunting, ranching, outdoor cycling, or any other activity in which you need to keep your feet warm.

Key Features:

  • Premium-quality heated insoles with rubber heating element

  • Powered by rechargeable batteries or disposable batteries

  • Large heating area to prevent cold feet

  • Even heat distribution

  • Great heated insoles for boots or shoes

  • Two heat settings to customize the temperature

  • Hand and machine washable



  • Two temperature settings helps keep your feet comfortable

  • Rechargeable battery lasts up to eight hours on the low setting

  • Easy to follow cutting lines reduce them from size US 14 to as small as 5½

  • They are about a fifth of an inch thick, which provides enough padding without crowding your feet

  • Reasonable price makes them some of the best budget heated insoles

  • Rechargeable battery life of 2.5 hours on high could be longer

  • You have to attach the battery with a strap around your ankle and run the cable down inside your shoe

2. HotHands Insole Foot Warmers

HotHands Heated Insoles

Unlike battery heated insoles, these HotHands Insole Foot Warmers are single-use air-activated heat packs designed to offer versatile and convenient warmth and easily rank among the best heated insoles. They’re ideal for keeping your feet warm, or any other area of your body.

They feature an ultra thin adhesive backing so that you can stick them in place and be sure they will stay there. With these warmers, you don’t have to worry about batteries or chargers, simply open the package, shake the warmers, and then stick them to the bottom of your sock. They are great for any occasion where long-lasting heat is required.

Key Features:

  • Disposable warmers that use air-activated heat packs designed to for easy on-the-go warmth

  • Ultra-thin and measure the full length of a regular insole, so you comfortably stick them under your sock to keep your whole foot warm

  • Peel-n-stick warmers feature a thin adhesive backing, so they stay where you stick them

  • Available in several styles designed for you hands, feet, or body

  • Heat up in 15-30 mins and stay warm for up to nine hours

  • Estimated shelf life of 3-4 years

  • TSA approved for easy travel

  • Designed and manufactured in the USA

  • One box contains 72 pairs in 12 packages with 6 pairs per package



  • No need to worry about batteries

  • 9 hour, long lasting warmth

  • Thinner than most other heated insoles

  • Adhesive backing is great for keeping the warmer in-place

  • Non-adjustable heat levels

  • Won't get as warm as some rechargeable heated insoles

3. Dr.Warm Rechargeable Heated Insoles

Dr.Warm Heated Insoles

These Dr.Warm heated insoles easily hold a spot among the best heated insoles due to their thoughtful design and convenient controls. Unlike some other insoles, these heated insoles house the battery in a thin steel case surrounded by padding under the heel. It’s surprisingly comfortable and it means you don’t have to strap a bulky battery around your calf.

On top of that, these insoles come with a convenient USB charger and a handy remote for turning them off and on and cycling between heat settings. This is great for when your in cold weather or decked out in gear and don’t want to take your gloves or boots off to go fiddling with your insoles. While the battery life is a bit shorter than some heated insoles that feature an external battery pack, these heated insoles are an all-around great pick for keeping your feet warm during your winter activities.

Key Features:

  • Safe and environmentally friendly material, the latest high-efficiency carbon fiber heaters

  • High density, safe lithium-polymer battery provide heat all day

  • Wireless, intuitive remote makes it easy to operate these while skiing, hunting, or doing other winter activities

  • Adjustable to your shoe size, trim the soles for the perfect fit following size guide

  • Fits in all types of footwear, shoes, and boots

  • High heat mode: 2-3 h. Medium heat mode: 3-4 h. Low: 4-5 h

  • High density, safe lithium-polymer battery

  • Circuit and battery protected by a steel case, able to carry about 250 KG



  • USB charging & wireless remote provide more convenience than most heated insoles. This is especially convenient when wearing lots of equipment, such as while skiing.

  • Three heat settings provides a lot of flexibility, and the highest setting is warm enough for very cold weather

  • The trim-to-fit lines on these insoles make adjusting for various boot sizes easy

  • Battery is in the insoles, so no need to strap anything around your calf

  • High heat settings are great for extra warmth, poor circulation, and keeping warm feet in even the coldest weather

  • 5 hours of warmth is not as long as some of the alternatives

  • Some reviewers have mentioned the arch is more pronounced and is not great for flat feet

4. Winna Heated Insoles

Winna Heated Insoles

The Winna Heated Insole is a new product on the market and they’re raising the bar for the heated insole. They come with two compact lithium polymer batteries that provide up to eight hours of steady heating to keep your feet warm throughout the day. They also feature a convenient remote control that lets you set the exact temperature you want, and the internal temperature sensors ensure that temperature is maintained.

They are a bit thicker than some other battery operated insoles, but they are constructed of a soft velvet material that is wonderfully comfortable. These heated insoles are great for snow work, fishing, skiing, camping, climbing, running, or any other cold-weather activity that you want to get after.

Key Features:

  • Wireless remote control makes it simple to adjust the temperature and turn them on or off

  • Made of latest carbon fiber heating material, the heating time is about 10s, and the heating area is even

  • Built-in temperature sensor and control chip, the temperature will automatically stop heating when the safe temperature is reached

  • The surface of made of soft velvet material, the bottom is made of environmentally friendly PU material, which is not easy deformed when folded

  • The insoles are ergonomically designed, have a cushioned heel for extra comfort

  • The heat lasts up to 8 hours on a single charge

  • Battery is embedded in thin steel casing under the heel and can support up to 250KG

  • Waterproof and washable

  • Adjustable to your shoe size, trim the soles for the perfect fit following size guide

  • Overcurrent, overvoltage and overcharge safety protection make these heated insoles safe

  • Three temperature settings: Low, Medium, High



  • This is a newer product on the market with some improved safety, battery, and heat control features placing it among the best heated insoles

  • A long eight hour battery life keeps your feet warm for the full day

  • Extremely granular temperature settings gives you more control than other heated insoles on the market

  • Heats up quickly

  • Built in temperature sensor help with heat regulation

  • The pad is a bit thicker than other heated insoles and can cause crowding in small shoes

5. Thermacell Proflex Heated Insoles

Thermacell Heated Insoles

The Thermacell Proflex Heated insoles are solid wireless rechargeable insoles that are durably constructed and come with some convenient features. For one, the heel battery on these can be popped out for charging, meaning you can conveniently leave your insoles in your boots when it’s time to charge.

On top of that, they come with a very durable and easy to use remote that features three simple buttons: No Heat, Medium, and High. These aren’t necessarily high tech heated insoles, but they have the features you need, they’re durable, and they keep your feet warm.

Key Features:

  • Constructed of a flexible polyurethane insole material that is comfortable and resilient

  • Manufacturer promises at least 2500 hours of use or about four winters of heavy use

  • Temperature settings: no heat (standby), medium (100 F), and high (111 F)

  • Recharges at least 500 times

  • Recharges in 4 hours

  • Charge lasts up to 5 hours of constant use (on medium heat setting)

  • Operated by small wireless remote Control

  • Can be trimmed to fit almost any shoe

  • Water-resistant

  • Removable battery makes charging more convenient



  • You can leave the inserts in your boots and just quickly swap out the rechargeable batteries

  • Very toasty

  • Long product life due to durable construction

  • Made of comfortable materials

  • Thicker than most heated insoles, so make sure you have room in your shoes

  • Up to five hours of battery life on medium and 2 hours on high means you may want to purchase a spare if you plan to use the for full-day activities

  • The higher price means these aren't really budget heated insolesNew List Item

6. WORLD-BIO Disposable Insole Foot Warmers

WorldBio Heated Insoles

These disposable insole foot warmers are ideal for preventing cold feet when the temperature is chilly. Unlike a heated insole, there is no need for batteries or chargers with these insoles—simply expose to air and shake to trigger eight hours of even warmth. These self heating insoles are built with clean and natural raw materials that provide safe, soft and natural heat. No matter how cold the weather is, you can enjoy the outdoor activities while maintaining heated boots and good blood circulation.

Key Features:

  • Single use air-activated heat packs that provide everyday warmth

  • Ultra thin and full length of insole for entire foot warmth

  • Each warmer stays warm up to 8 hours

  • Eco-friendly iron ingredients with soft non-woven fabric

  • No electricity, boiling or additional warming necessary for the heat pads

  • The combination of the ingredients has been specially formulated to ensure a constant and comforting heat

  • Convenient, compact, portable

  • Insole foot warmers are extra thin heat pads fit in every size shoe, do not take up much space

  • Warmers consist of 100% natural ingredients. Heat is generated by oxidation of the iron powder. No need to do external heat with electric equipment or microwave.

  • Warmers start to work in minutes after you open the package. They last warm up to 8 hours.

  • 100% natural ingredients

  • Heat is generated by oxidation of the iron powder



  • No electricity, boiling or additional warming necessary for the heat pads

  • All natural ingredients

  • Eight hours of heat is enough to last for most cold weather activities

  • These get warmer than most other non rechargeable heated insoles

  • No adhesive backing like some other disposable heated insoles

  • Some reviewers feel the warmers are too large

7. Nuonove Heated Insoles

Nuonove Heated Insoles

These battery powered insoles provide heat during all manner of cold weather activities. These insoles are unique in that they must be connected to an external power pack while in use. This provides the advantage of potentially longer lifespan than self heated insoles, however the product does not come with a battery or a strap for carrying the battery. They do, however, feature very soft cushioning, so if you’re able to solve the battery problem then these can be great long lasting heated insoles.

Key Features:

  • It features comfortable and soft EVA foam

  • The heating sole can be easily cut and shaped

  • The soft heating sheet has uniform heat generation, high heat conversion efficiency, rapid heat generation, and softness

  • Insoles must be connected to a battery pack strapped in a leg pouch attachment. They must be plugged in while in-use.

  • No battery included

  • Must be plugged in while using



  • The comfortable EVA foam provides luxurious cushioning

  • The USB Electric Power Heated Pad is durable and can heat quickly and evenly with built-in micro heater chip

  • Thinner than most rechargeable insoles

  • No battery or battery pouch included

  • No remote control

  • A few reviewers have reported faulty insolesNew List Item

8. Genovega Heated Insoles

Genovega Heated Insoles

These reusable heated insoles feature the luxurious EVA foam material and are powered by an external battery connected with a power cord. Unfortunately, the battery bank is not included with the product, but this also gives you flexibility to use your own.

These are ideal for cold feet and outdoor activities in winter, such as skiing, fishing, camping, hiking, running, snowboard. The heating insoles are also good for anyone who has to work in a cold outside in winter, providing you warmth.

Key Features:

  • Manufactured with a smooth and sturdy Eva foam material

  • The heated insoles are fitted all over with a flexible heating element to ensure an uniform heat distribution

  • Includes a portable USB Connector with long cables to charge via power bank, laptop and any devices with USB port

  • Easily cut along the outline to match the insoles to differently sized shoes

  • The insoles are waterproof. You can easily wash the insole by hand or in the washing machine.

  • No battery or battery pouch included

  • No remote control



  • Unlike most electric heated insoles, you can wash these by hand or in a washing machine

  • While it doesn't come with a battery, this also means you have the flexibility to pair it with any USB compatible battery, even very powerful ones

  • Constructed with very comfortable and cushiony foam

  • They don't come with a power bank, so you need to provide your own

  • Doesn't get as warm as some other heated insoles for shoes

How to Choose the Right Heated Insole

As you can see, there is a lot to consider when choosing the best heated insoles. It’s important to consider what kind of activities you will be using your heated insoles for, how long you will need them to stay warm, and what kind of temperatures you will be in when using them. Do you want a focus on shoe support? Do you want something that inexpensive that can be disposed of? The following is designed to help you navigate these considerations.

Battery Duration

The heating elements in heated insoles typically last anywhere from 2 to 10 hours on a single charge. Typically, on the highest power setting, heated insoles will last from 2 to 4 hours. If you plan to place the heated insoles in ski boots and ski a full day, you may want to invest in ones with powerful batteries. Otherwise, a less expensive option may be preferable.

Heating Amount

The level of heat provided by different heated insoles differs greatly. Cheaper options usually only have one heat setting, while more expensive options typically feature up to four heat settings. If you only plan to use your heated insoles around the house or in mildly cold weather, one heat setting may do, however, if the weather is changing frequently, you may require more flexibility.


The material of heated insoles is also an important consideration. High quality materials are more comfortable, help prevent blistered feet, and help regulate temperature. Moisture repelling fabric can also help avoid smelly shoes, ski boots, or hunting boots and avoid the need for extra antimicrobial treatments. However, if you won’t be doing much activity in your heated insoles, more affordable materials may be a good option.

Ease of Use

Lastly, ease of use is something to keep an eye on. Some have the heating element built into the heal, meaning you don’t need to carry an external battery. Others feature a key fob remote to make temperature adjustments easy while on-the-go. A few pairs support usb charging so you don’t need to mess with proprietary cables. And the disposable options feature unique mineral technology to avoids batteries entirely. These are all useful differences to keep in mind when choosing.


We all know how unpleasant it is to have cold feet when trying to enjoy your favorite winter activities. Both heated socks and heated insoles are great solutions to this problem. In this article we focus on the best heated insoles.

Anyone who has taken the time to pick out the right pair of heated insoles will tell you how worthwhile of an investment it is. However, it can be hard to pick which are the right heated insoles for you. So we hope our list of the best heated insoles and our guide on choosing the right one can help you in your selection. Try combining heated insoles with heated glove liners for extra warmth this winter.

May all your winters be warm and wonderful!